The Perfect Dog Travel Companion

Going on vacation is the best way to unwind. One may choose to spend some time on the beach or explore another country. But the best way to enjoy a vacation is having a good companion. Dogs are good traveling companions because they are always curious. They also have the ability to create a happy ambiance resulting to a relaxing vacation.

When traveling with a dog, it is best to bring the perfect dog travel companion to avoid troubles. A good and loyal companion is the Labrador Retriever. This breed may be large but they are adaptable, friendly and fun. Another is the Brussels Griffon, a rodent-hunting dog and diminutive Belgian breed. In fact, this breed is often brought by Belgian carriage drivers on a long journey during the 19th century. This proves that they are indeed a good travel partner.

Besides large breeds, small breeds are also a perfect dog travel companion. First in line is the Maltese. Since they are small, they can be easily transported. This breed is intelligent, playful and can make a vacation worthwhile. Second is the English Bulldog. Being small and cuddly, they are able to sit next to the owner or on the owner’s lap.

Other than choosing and bringing the perfect dog travel companion, there are things that one must also consider. First is to plan ahead. Know the destination and activities one would like to do especially how to get there. Will it be by air or by land?

Air travel or riding a plane is not the perfect or suitable option when traveling with a dog. Airlines usually consider pets as cargo depending on the size. Small ones or toy dogs are quite lucky because they are allowed to stay with the owner. Larger dogs, on the other hand, will have to stay in the cargo section. Owners may not approve of this; however, airline rules must be followed to avoid delays and further problems.

Meanwhile, travel by land or via automobile is the best way. The owner as well as the pet will be comfortable throughout the journey. Moreover, there is less chance for the dog to get lost. Just make the proper adjustments in the vehicle, so that the dog can move freely. In addition, make sure to stop once in a while and allow the dog to stretch, drink and relieve himself.

Furthermore, traveling is not only a form of relaxation for the owner. It can also be a form of bonding between the owner and the dog. To make sure that the bonding or vacation is a success, make the necessary arrangements beforehand.

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